brand identity designer

You want to do something good, better than before, something that people can use, see, and love. To do anything awesome you’re going to need help.

You don’t look as awesome as you should.

I can fix that if we can sit down and chat about your business, audience, hopes, dreams, and desires for what you love doing. Typically, I enjoy meeting with clients when they need a logo design and from there I can continue to help brand your business through the use of fonts, colors, pictures, web design, animations, or anything else that your brand may need to succeed.

So who is this guy now?

I’m TJ Murrin, a brand identity designer born and raised in Western New York and married to the most beautiful crime fighter in the area (seriously she has solved homicides before). I am passionate about helping people, businesses, and organizations communicate their stories through visual design. Every business has a unique story to tell and a specific reason behind why they do what they do. This makes them different; this makes them awesome. People want to be a part of and share awesome stories. I design to bridge the gap between great stories and their audience.

Okay, I think I get it, but how much does this cost?

I’m glad you asked, but answering that question is not that simple. It all depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to invest into your company. It would be easier to sit down and talk through what your desires are, so why don’t you call (716.803.2532) or email me?

Oh, hey! Some recent work: