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Follow ’12

Web Design & Animation

The Follow ‘12 - International Wesleyan Youth Conference was a project that took two years to pull off. I was brought in a year in after the original animator had to step down to care for his yet to be born child. I was asked to make a couple of animated videos and design, code and curate the website up until the day of the convention. The whole project was a massive undertaking that took countless hours and too many cups of coffee to produce. The final deliverables have been used to help draw attention, excite, motivate, guide and change lives. It was a blessing to work on the project and I can only imagine what good will come of it in the years to follow.

For the Follow ‘12 website there were only a few goals to keep in mind when designing the site like make it easy to navigate, make it useable on mobile devices, and keep it inline with the branding for Follow ‘12. This was my first attempt with working on a responsive website design (RWD). There are a few different techniques to make a mobile website, but by far one of the easiest ways to control the look of the site is to create a RWD. Below are a few images of the site at a normal desktop size and the condensed mobile version.

Client Testimony

As a web designer and animator for my organization’s event, TJ smoothly designed and consistently branded us with fresh and professional solutions. TJ compliments his experience as a designer with his positive attitude, making him a wonderful asset to any team or project.
Kory Pence - Creative Director, the Wesleyan Church