In December 2016 I took a break from modeling and decide to focus on developing a new skill, material authoring. I pick up Allegorithmic's Substance Designer and began running through the tutorials to get me up to speed. SD is a very complex. I mean crazy complex. Some of the posts from this month feature some of the materials I created. To simplify my work flow I focused mostly on using spheres in my piece.
The cobble stone images were from a tutorial I was following from Rogelio Olguin it remains currently unfinished. I admit that this is not original work that I posted, but a reflection of my progression in material authoring and environment design.
The final image in these months series were completed after following Wes McDermott from Substance Designer's tutorial series on creating a rocky environment. The methods used in that tutorial allowed me to create something with interest in Cinema 4D when paired with, you guessed it, some spheres.