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I’m TJ Murrin, a brand identity and motion graphics designer.  I was born and raised in Western New York and married to the most beautiful crime fighter in the area (seriously she has solved homicides before). I've been working in graphic and motion design for 10 years. I absolutely love helping people, businesses, and organizations communicate their stories through visual design and learning new skills along the way.
Brand Identity Design
A brand is an organizations personality. This personality the culmination of everything a business does intentionally and unintentionally and the results are experienced by audience, customers, clients and even employees. Great services and products are a reflection of an organization. A business or organization that takes time to refine its personality and experience creates a stronger reason for audiences, customers, clients and employees to commit to a product or service due to the increase value. 
Brand identity design are the visual communication assets that represent a business personality and experience. They are tools of consistency and marketing. As a designer I offer the following services to help build a brand:
Logo Design
Color Direction
Print and Digital Layout
Motion Graphics
While a brand is a complex system of choices executed across numerous points of interest, motion graphics serves to summarize, symbolize and convey a story in action. As a motion graphics designer I can produce both short and long videos whether it be for education, entertainment, marketing, donations, or for something completely off the wall that I haven't thought of, yet. My skills in this arena are always evolving and currently include:
3D Concepting
3D Modeling
Particle Simulations
Fire and Smoke Simulations
Material Authoring
Photorealistic Rendering
Video Editing
To stay up to date on what I am currently working on I would recommend to check out my Instagram and Vimeo links.
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