The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg 2016 donation campaign was a different beast visual. This we we decided to go a conceptual route. The outreach pastor, Paul Gartley, was inspired by John Ortberg's book "All The Places To Go" where he described opportunies as doors. Beyond eat door lies a new experience waiting to be discovered. Paul took this concept of a door as opportunities to help other people and yourself titled the theme Daring Faith. I concluded moving through doors can be scary because you are traveling into the unknown. I thought one of the most scary adventures is a traveling through space, but also the most mystifying and beautiful. 
I pitched the visual concept of moving through a door into the great unknown of space. Paul loved it and below are the results of four months of work. This was the longest and most challenging design I have worked on to this point. I am very proud of the results as it forced me to move back into 3D animation.
Along with the animation and background images that were used during service, I also created a star map of countries. This element was used in the booklet that WCH mails out every year showcasing who the church will be helping.
Continuing with space theme, each giving partner in the booklet had a pairing constellation and nebula image taken from (line: text: Hubble popup: yes)