The Kidzmatter animation project was a very unique undertaking. I was asked to take the organizations 5 purpose statements and animate them in a fun creative manner, while supporting the brand elements that they have established. The unique part of these videos was that they were to be displayed on two 50” TV screens that were turned on their sides.
The intro video, like the purpose video, was also a vertical animation piece that was used as an intro to the rallies that the group headlined. The last shot of the piece would lead into their slides so a gradual pull out of the camera was the best solution rather than a fast pace ending like the purpose video.
Client Testimony:
"What a super job TJ did on the video that he made for our inaugural reVITAlize luncheon hosted here at KidzMatter. It clearly showcased our promises to our customers, the entire purpose of the video. Not only was it very creative, but everyone in the house was mesmerized by the flow of the words and the catchy audio to go along with it. Thanks for helping us with our video needs."
Ryan Frank - Executive Director of KidzMatter®